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Here comes the future.

At Highway, "we are a family church with a missions heart". We are a family full of families! Highway Kids is not a

child-minding service but a spiritual development community. We want to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus and disciple them through to full maturity in an innovative, fun and relevant way.


Highway Kids is a 24/7 ministry that is here to impact families with kids aged 1-12! From Sunday Services to YouTube channels, to school Holiday programs to parenting events, we are here to build the next generation for Jesus!

We believe your kids are world-changers and we are here to champion them along to their God-given purpose!

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What's Kids Ministry?

Kids Ministry is an incredible thing. It's not like school, but kids do learn. It's stacks of fun but that's not our mission. It's not a childcare centre, but kids are cared for and loved!

Kids Ministry is about partnering with families, to spiritually develop your kids to be incredible disciples of Jesus! We want to achieve this through Sunday Services and Midweek Strategies!

We want to CONNECT Kids.

CONNECT kids to Jesus

CONNECT kids to a loving community

CONNECT kids to the Bible

CONNECT what kids learn to their everyday worlds

CONNECT kids into their God purpose

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We have two Highway Church Locations where we run our Sunday Services. One on the Northern Gold Coast (Ormeau) and one on the Southern Gold Coast (Gilston). 

Click to find out more information about these locations. 

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Planning a visit?

We would absolutely love to have your family visit us at one of our Sunday Services. Come 15 minutes early to get a good carpark, and head to the Highway Kids Check-In area which will be marked with signage. Our Team will help you from there!


To make the process smooth and easy for your first day could you fill out our enrolment form. This helps us know if your kids have any specific needs (eg. medical), how old they are, and contact information for the parents/caregivers. 

It takes a couple minutes, but makes the first day flow easily!

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We are a 24/7 kids ministry, so we believe in reaching families throughout the week with several different programs and strategies.



Mondays 9am-11am

A fun playgroup for your kids and great coffee for the parents! Runs every week of the school term! 


School Holidays

The perfect place to be in your school holidays. Our holiday program is such a huge hit with families! We run a four day program each holidays packed with fun, Jesus and friends!


Once a Term

We believe in creating space for marriages to be healthy! So we take the kids and make it an epic night for them, while parents go off and have a date together!

HK YouTube!

Reaching the kids of this generation!

We are passionate about creating content that your kids will love and that will draw them closer to Jesus through the power of fun!

A child that is 7 years old, has already spent one year in front of screens. What if we could be that influence in your child's life and not the bad influences that are out there!

We have two YouTube Channels, Highway Kids (Ages 7 and up), Highway Kids Jnr (2-6yrs). 

YouTube Junior!

Reaching our kids online is huge to us and we also know how critical ages 1-6 are in developing worldview and faith. We create age specific content that leads these kids to have a strong faith!

We are continuing to improve and create more and more content that your kids will love. From Bible Stories, to crafts, to bedtime stories and of course more of our favourite character; Shark Gills!

The Team!

The family that serves families!

Our team is incredible and we have a special community that makes serving at Highway Kids so monumental! Here are some of our Core Team Members that lead key areas of our ministry!

Brendan Wiggs

Kids Pastor

Danica Jobe

Holiday Adventures Director

Laura Parrag

Head of Curriculum

Lilly Darby

Gilston Assistant Location Leader

Caleb Saron

Kids Creative + Content Producer

Tamar Cheslin

Junior Leadership Director

Heather Wiggs

PM Service Leader + Mentorship

Emily Mcdermott

HK Events

Corrie-Lea Blessman

Play & Coffee Connect

Want to be a part of the Team?

Check out our HK Team Page for more info and to sign up!

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