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To keep everyone safe and sound at Highway Kids, we are asking for everyone to re-enrol their kids! This is to make sure we have up to date data especially medical info. This is to ensure that every child is safe while in our care at Highway Kids! It's super easy to re-enrol, just click the link below and follow the prompts!



We have created a full program on Youtube for your kids to participate with which premieres every Sunday morning at 8:30am. We are currently in the middle of our "Acts Academy" Series which is all about how each and every one of us is an important part of the Church. We are the church and we can change the world! Click the link below to connect you to this week's online service. 


We have created an online service for your kids to explore God and learn about all the amazing things in the Bible! Our current series is on "Armour Up", a series all about the armour of God and how it protects us. Each Sunday the video will premiere at 8:30am. Click on the Service link below to watch our Early Childhood video and then come back to complete the activity we have for your kids. 

At Highway Kids, we want to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus and disciple them through to full maturity in an innovative, fun and relevant way.


Highway Kids runs during every Highway service and caters for children aged one to eleven. We also have our Champions Club, for children with diagnosed disabilities or special learning needs and their families.

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Highway Kids Pastor


Contact Caleb HERE.



We have to be funnest team to be on at Highway! We endeavour to make every child loved and known. We believe that kids should have an awesome experience at church and we are here to make that happen! Being on the Highway Kids team really does feel like family, and we love spending time serving together. We grow together, lead together and create an environment that every child is welcome. 

Below are our Extra-Ordinaries. These are our Team Culture Values that we take seriously. We work hard to live up and serve people in these ways. To become extraordinary we believe we must go extra in the ordinary. Check them out below!


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