We currently aren't operating due to COVID-19. We will be returning in the September Holidays 2020.

Where every holiday is an adventure!

A fun, safe place for your kids to enjoy their holidays with a community of friends.

Our aim is to create an excellent program that is unquestionably 

safe, extravagantly fun and passionately creates a community of kids that build great friendships while maintaining to be as affordable as possible for you as the parent.

We run every week day throughout each of the school holidays. We open at 7am and close at 6pm so we can have the most amount of fun with your kids throughout the whole day!

Holiday Adventures is for kids Toilet Trained- Grade Six. We offer discounts for families with multiple kids which means it's cheaper the more kids you have. You deserve it!

We provide morning tea and afternoon tea! That's one less thing that you don't need to worry about!

We have no limit to the amount of kids that can come to Holiday Adventures and there is no cut off date to register. So register whenever you need!

Need the finer details about pricing, registration and what our days look like? Head to our info booklet for all the details. 

Contact us here

or phone +617 5547 6195

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