We miss seeing your face! It's been an interesting time for us as a church, navigating to moving our services online has been a fun challenge. While our move to digital services has been largely successful, we are still feeling the void of meeting with our Highway community face to face.

So let's catch up!

Every Wednesday night we will host a meeting on Zoom where we can have a bit of fun, meet some people, pray together, and hear from some of our leaders on what our church is doing during this season. Our aim is for this to be short and sweet, so no need to book out valuable time from your schedule.

When:Every Wednesday Night, 8 - 8:30pm (time to get the kids to bed).

Where:Your place (or any place really).

How:Zoom - click the button below to go to the meeting each week.

All you will need is either a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Want to ask a question?

In the lead up to 'The Catch-Up' each week, you will have the opportunity to ask us some questions that the host of the meeting can answer. These don't have to be in-depth theological queries - feel free to make them as fun or interesting as possible! You can send your questions in through Instagram on our stories in the days leading up to a weekly Catch-Up, so jump on and follow @hwychurch to ask away and stay up to date!


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