Lockdown Affected Services - August 1st & 8th

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Hey Church Family!

The Gold Coast and surrounding area is heading into a lockdown that commences at 4pm on July 31st that has been extended until 4pm Sunday 8th July. This means our physical services cannot go ahead as planned, and while we won't be able to meet in person at Ormeau or Gilston this weekend, we can still meet online. Our 9am service will be streamed to our Highway Church YouTube channel.

We are incredibly grateful that we are still able to come together online. In this time of uncertainty and fear, it is our opportunity to lean into Jesus and share the peace He gives us with our family, friends and neighbours. Please share the online broadcast on your social media profiles, and invite others to watch with you.

Our Alpha course (which was to start this week) will now have a start date of Monday the 16th of August, at 7pm. Another great opportunity to invite that person you've been thinking about! (Email info@highway.com.au to register.)

We are praying for you, and will keep you updated as necessary.


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