Highway Services Relaunching!

What a journey we have all been on during the last few months! If you told us back in March what was about to unfold I don't think we would have believed it! We want to thank you all for coming alongside us and being patient with us as we navigated this season and tried to make wise decisions for everyone.

We have some very exciting news to share with you all...

*drum roll please*


What does this mean exactly? Well, we are now able to physically gather in our Highway locations! Registration is essential as there are still restrictions on how many people we can have in the building BUT as of Sunday the 11th of October we will be relaunching our Highway services and you will be able to attend gatherings at Ormeau and Gilston. Registrations will open on the 2nd of October so keep your eyes on all of our social media pages for the link!

Highway Kids are also relaunching their services on the 11th of October! Kids will need to be registered for every service and please keep in mind you will have to register your children on a seperate form. We will supply you with the additional link and will keep you updated with how that will work closer to the date. The team are so excited to be back with your kids and they have an amazing program planned! But wait, that's not all, we have some more exciting news!

As we relaunch Sunday Services across our locations we have added another location to the Highway family...we are going ONLINE! You heard that right, moving forward we are going to continue to live stream our services every Sunday! Which will mean we can reach a whole new audience and take Jesus further!

We have missed everyone dearly and we are very excited to be able to gather again and see your faces! Thank you again for being patient with us during this transition period amongst all of the change. We believe that this is going to be a new and amazing season and we are so privileged to have you all join us on this journey.

We are better together!

See you all very soon.


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