by Marilyn Eade

“And His Name shall be called Wonderful…..”

Isaiah 9:6

In the bible, this expression wonderful is used earlier in Judges 13:18 and means beyond understanding. It also describes human acts that are out of the ordinary and acts of God that are supernatural. Isaiah suggests that this child would be something out of the ordinary, a miracle and even beyond our understanding.

Jesus is wonderful. He is wonderful in his person and in the beauty of who he is; that being fully God, he would come as an ordinary man, but there is nothing ordinary about the man Jesus is. He is wonderful in His love for his people, His sympathy for them, wonderful in His humility, patience and wisdom. He is wonderful in His life and the example he left for us. He is wonderful in His death; that he would die for all, and by His death destroyed the works of darkness and the power it has over us. He is wonderful in his resurrection that we share in and are restored to our heavenly father through.

Jesus is wonderful in all He is. Much of who He is is beyond my understanding, but as I behold who He is, I allow Him to reveal the facet of Himself that I need at that moment.

If you’ve become too familiar with Jesus and lost the wonder of who He is, take some time and ask him to reveal himself to you in a new way today.


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