by Ian Pike

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

The gospel according to John introduces Jesus as being present at the beginning of the world. Eternal and self-existent, this ‘word’ is Jesus - God’s own divine self-expression.

John explains that in Jesus is life, and that same life is the light within humanity. As the one who gives us life, Jesus became human and came to earth to dwell with humanity. He revealed life, light and the truth about God. Through his love and sacrifice for humanity, he glorified God and made it possible for us to know him.

The original audience of this book consisted of people who were influenced by Jewish thought and Greek thought. To the Jews, John painted a picture of a new creation through Jesus. To the Greeks, he showed them that Jesus was the source of all truth and rationality. He pointed his audience to the beginning and source of everything, Jesus.

If I buy something new, I always ask myself two questions: “Will this work?” and, “Will it last?”. It seems these days that things aren’t made like they used to be. These are never questions I will need to ask of Jesus. He is the source of life, and in my experience of walking out my life with Jesus, he has never failed me. He has always been a light to guide my way, the one who sustains my soul and the one who speaks truth to me. He is utterly reliable.

As we prepare for Christmas, I encourage you to meditate on Jesus as the source of your life, the one present at the very beginning and the light that he gives to the world.

Dear God, from our perspective in a changing world, thank you that we can turn to you as the one who is eternal, everlasting and unchanging. Thank you for your gift of Jesus to the world and for the access to you that he has given us. Amen


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