by Chelsea Drewe

I have a favourite worship song by Matt Redman called “King Jesus”.

It’s the song that is constantly played in my household and in the car, and it reminds me of who Jesus is in my life.

My favourite verse says:

“King Jesus, You are victorious

You have conquered death with this life of love

King Jesus, you are victorious

You paid the final debt for all of us.”

The lyrics are so powerful, and such a great reminder of WHO Jesus is. Jesus is not just a man, teacher or rabbi but the King of Kings who defeated the grave with the greatest act of love for humankind. Knowing that Jesus is King gives me great comfort when I go through the seasons of life that are sometimes challenging. I know that no matter what I face, Jesus is always with me.

Knowing that Jesus is King gives me great comfort. Jesus has won the battle over death and sin. I can rest assured through challenging times because the King laid down His life for me! Whenever you feel lost, hopeless, betrayed or lonely, remember that Jesus is sovereign.

He is unlike rulers of this earth that come and go - he is unlike those who succumb to death and are replaced. Jesus is King even after death because he defeated death and now lives! Jesus reigns forever, and His kingdom is one of love, peace, and joy.


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