by Sue Hartley

We can so easily dismiss the great sacrifice Jesus made when He stepped down from heaven and took on human form by believing that it would have been easier for him because He is the son of God.

But we must remember that by leaving heaven, He emptied himself completely of his divinity and embraced every human emotion, limitation, and vulnerability to fulfil God’s purpose for his life.

He walked and lived among the sick, the lost, the poor and the outcast. Those who were rejected, beaten, betrayed and lonely. Those who had lost hope and lost their way. Those who were enslaved and treated unjustly.

Jesus personally experienced what it means to be human. He felt and witnessed the great burden and suffering of humanity in every step of His journey. Yet, He continued to be obedient to what God wanted Him to do.

Every part of His life was intentionally leading Him to fulfil his purpose by being crucified on a cross and defeating the power of death. He suffered and died in the most shameful and brutal death.

But, he demonstrated the fullness of God’s power, love, mercy, and grace when he rose from the dead. By conquering death, he released the greatest power to set people free. Because of Jesus, we can look forward to being resurrected after death. For our life on we can be free from any mental, social, or physical oppression.

He made way for everyone to experience God’s eternal love and enter a relationship with Him that lasts for eternity.

I am overwhelmed and in awe of this Jesus.


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