by Tosh Sturgess

At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus Christ. He is the ‘Christ’ in Christmas. Before He was born, there were many prophecies of His arrival, spoken over thousands of years. His life on earth was covered in controversy. Loved by the powerless and despised by the rulers. He was notoriously kind to the weak and boldly stood against the corrupt. His love for the unlovable broke the hearts of the hard and won the hearts of the common people. He was so loved that the powerful were threatened by Him.

Chief among those threatened by Jesus was the High Priest of the Temple - this one held the highest spiritual authority in the land, some would say, in the earth. This High Priest knew that when the Christ came, he would rightly take that powerful spiritual role for Himself.

Nowadays, as we celebrate Christmas, we see that the earthly temple is no more. The earthly priesthood has vanished - but Jesus Christ has continued on in that role of High Priest as He has returned to the Father in Heaven.


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