by Anne Midwinter

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel (which means God with us).”

Isaiah 7:14

You may be familiar with the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, but did you know that his birth was foretold by the prophet Isaiah? Five hundred years before Jesus Christ was born, Isaiah prophesied that a young girl would conceive and give birth to a boy who would be literally ‘God with us’.

God’s desire was never to be distant from humanity, so he came to us in a way we could comprehend - through the person of Jesus Christ. His promise to his people before Christ came was that he would be with us. Christ came to earth and dwelt amongst us. Through Christ’s crucifixion, he died, but the story didn’t end there. He defeated the power of death and sin through his death and was resurrected to life so that we, too, could share in his victory and be with him forever.

You may feel that you are alone in this world, but Jesus is closer than you think. He truly is ‘God with us’. Because he has defeated death and sin, we don’t have to continue living apart from him. Today you can choose to believe in him and invite him into your life. That is the first step towards living a life where his presence changes your heart and brings dead things to life again.


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