As we embrace a new year we’re excited to announce 21 days of prayer and fasting. Starting this Sunday 23rd of January we will be uniting with churches from across the ACC movement in response to the tremendous need all around us.


Specifically, we will be praying & fasting for:

  1. Our nation

  2. Our community

  3. Personal growth

Prayer & fasting is a spiritual practice that is great at recalibrating our attention toward God. The past few years have been so convoluted and it may have been easy to find your attention on outside circumstance – we’re praying that this spiritual journey will empower you for 2022.


Here is a guideline of what to pray for each day…


Day 1: Our nation, leadership and government
Day 2: Emergency services, Frontline Workers, Medical Teams, Police & Military

Day 3: Unity and healing across our land
Day 4: Spiritual awakening and revival across our land
Day 5: Effects of Covid and the vulnerable in our society
Day 6: Those struggling with mental health
Day 7: Justice, righteousness and freedom of faith


Day 1: Local church and church leadership
Day 2: Local community services personnel and community leaders

Day 3: Local schools, teachers and students
Day 4: Local businesses and livelihood
Day 5: Local needs and challenges
Day 6: Local impact as we care for our neighbours and community
Day 7: Growth and impact of our local church to reach people for Jesus


Day 1: Giving and receiving forgiveness
Day 2: My close family members
Day 3: My relationships
Day 4: Physical health, healing and provision
Day 5: God’s plans outworked in my life
Day 6: Opportunities to serve the Lord and others

Day 7: Opportunities to lead people to Jesus


We’re looking forward to hearing about the amazing things that God does through this season. In the meantime, make sure you stay up to date by following Highway Church on our socials.